Pinocchio Hook Shelf​​​​​​​
Featured in Umbra's Work/Life competition, 2020
Delightful entryway shelf designed to display plants and hang items, crafted in conjunction with KROFT Furniture.
Project Brief

Pinocchio was designed in collaboration with local furniture maker KROFT Furniture. The objective was to design a product that would integrate with the brand line while meeting business objectives of utilizing cut-off material. 
My Role 
Individual Project: Research, ideation, 3D modelling, prototyping, testing, fabrication, and visual design

Tools Used
Dangerous metal and wood shop machines, Rhino 3D, Illustrator

Type & Timeline
Product Design, Visual Design
March - April 2019
Featured in the Work/Life exhibition at Umbra Concept Store, Toronto, 2020

One of ten designers selected Canada-wide
KROFT Furniture tasked our ID1 class with creating a new product for their line. The project taught me to be unafraid of taking risks in design. 

Open-ended, the project was intimidating at first, but the collaborative and excited environment of our class drove my research and idea conceptualization beyond what I initially felt comfortable at. I learned to identify pain points, research, then ideate. I had to consider production throughout the process, a new constraint I struggled with.

I experienced further roadblocks when my initial design, already prototyped, didn’t meet the criteria I had hoped. With deadlines approaching, it took guts to start back at the drawing board and revisit my research for my desired outcome. That move really paid off. Even my classmates wanted to purchase the product!

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